Traditional Indian Cuisine 

Emerzon Beecher

Best Indian in town, really good flavour and service, the chef will literally make my curry how I ask for it perfectly everytime. 5 stars


What we do.

Our Plan is simple, we try to provide the best possible food, with the freshest ingredients, that's why every meal, every dish is made to order, and as soon as an order is complete it is sent out. 

Fresh Food


Our food is made to order, meaning that every dish that you order is made after you have ordered it to ensure freshness and great taste.


Come in & Collect 


If you're on the way home you can phone in and place your order. we will make it up and have it ready for you, so all you have to do is pick it up, go home relax and enjoy a fresh meal.



Delivery Service


We provide a delivery service, so you won't need to leave your home, to enjoy a great meal. pick up the phone, place your order, next thing you know your food will be at your door in no time.



Serving with a smile :)


We have been here for a long time, and what this means is that our customers aren't really customers, they are more like our friends. and it brings a smile to all of our faces when we see a friend pop in.


Nurmiah Choudhury

I started working in a takeaway since I was 14 years old, starting as a Saturday job washing dishes, I remember that the sink was so big that it would press up against my chest. I worked hard and climbed up the ranks to become a chef, and have worked all over the country, learning and understanding the different styles of cuisine in their respective areas.  Then in 199, I heard of a property in Bridgewater for sale. I came down, had a look, and then shook hands.  I had faith in my skills and my experience which I had developed for the majority of my life.


Now I have a successful business that has provided for me and my family, it has allowed them to grow up in a happy environment, and for me the most important thing is that this one business will keep us all together, it will help encourage my kids to work hard and give them the skills they need to move forward in life.  I am honored that so many people enjoy the meals I cook for them, I am truly honored, that because of our our loyal costumers, it has given me the opportunity to work with my children, and see them grow into more than i have ever expected them to be.


Owner, Head Chef, Father

Raffi Choudhury

I have seen my dad work hard all my life, working harder, faster, and smarter than everyone, Sometimes even I struggle to keep up with him and is 25 years older than me. I have had the opportunity to work with him, I still wonder how he does it. He has really inspired me and has got me motivated to move ahead in life.


The one lesson that I have learned from my dad, is that sitting at home and watching T.v. won't get me anywhere in life. The only way to move up in the world is to get motivated and work hard in life.


Manager, Second Chef , Son

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